Prospective Suppliers

Pioneer welcomes new suppliers that can contribute to the achievement of our operational objectives. Before the formalized process of onboarding a new supplier can begin, a business justification is required and a Pioneer employee/sponsor must initiate the process on the supplier’s behalf.

Qualified Suppliers (Non-ACL)

Qualified Suppliers must provide Pioneer with the following information:

  • Correct supplier W-9
  • Supplier contact information
  • Supplier Ariba contact information
  • Supplier corporate address
  • Supplier remit to address
  • Upon request: Corporate organizational chart

Please submit the information listed above to the Pioneer employee/sponsor that is filling out the Business Associate request form on your company’s behalf.

Register with Ariba

Pioneer uses the Ariba network to qualify and store supplier data, conduct sourcing events, and create and manage contracts. Pioneer does not process or pay invoices in the Ariba system. We continue to use OpenInvoice.

Please note: Completing the Ariba registration process does not constitute a commitment to do business with Pioneer.

Prospective suppliers interested in doing business with Pioneer are highly encouraged to register through the Ariba Supplier Network and complete a public company profile. This requirement, which began in June 2016, allows us to offer our suppliers an enhanced partnership at no cost.

Registering with Pioneer in Ariba includes supplier receiving an Ariba link sent by Pioneer Supplier Enablement Team to connect supplier’s public profile to the Ariba Pioneer profile. The link sent by Pioneer can either connect to an existing supplier’s Ariba account or be used by supplier to create a new Ariba account.

Supplier must complete and submit Pioneer’s Supplier Profile Questionnaire (SPQ) in Ariba in order to be registered in Pioneer’s system.